Genesis Consulting provides consulting services to online gaming and other transaction orientated internet sites. It is headed up by Adriaan Brink, a veteran of the internet gaming world. We are located in the Principality of Liechtenstein, in the heart of Europe.

Adriaan Brink was born in Durban, South Africa on 30 April 1963. He completed schooling in South Africa and studied Computer Science at the University of Natal, South Africa.

Brink started professional programming on ICL and UNIVAC mainframes performing statistical analysis of large surveys in 1984. In 1989 he emigrated to Australia where he spent 5 years in computer related work, culminating with a 3 year stint as Managing Director of Giltnet Limited a public company listed on the Australian stock exchange. Giltnet specialized in real time Bond analytics software marketed mainly through the Dow Jones-Telerate network. In 1990 Giltnet started developing an electronic marketplace for employment that later became known as PeopleBank.

In 1994 Brink moved to the United Kingdom to introduce PeopleBank to the European markets and develop a relationship with Reuters PLC. Towards the end of 1994 the Internet became more established and he started the Micro Media Mall which was soon renamed "London Mall" and served as an attraction to draw people to the Internet version of PeopleBank. PeopleBank and The London Mall were sold to the Daily Mail newspaper group in 1995.

In London Mall design meetings in early 1995 the suggestion was made that an Internet lottery could be an interesting idea, and from this idea InterLotto was born. Operating out of Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe, InterLotto was the world's first legal Internet lottery and quickly established its position as a leading e-commerce site in Europe.

In 1997 the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies reached agreement with InterLotto to become the major beneficiary in return for PR and marketing benefits and the site was renamed Brink architected the systems, wrote the database code and established all operational aspects of PLUS Lotto. Over 7 years the site has grown to have a player base of many hundreds of thousands, and the systems have processed tens of millions of transactions in various different currencies.

Brink founded Zabadoo AG in June 2000 to focus on offering the software systems developed for PLUS Lotto to other players in the lottery world. Brink was CEO from inception until August 2002. He continued to provide consulting services to ILLF until August 2004.

In 2004 Brink joined Mahjong Mania as CEO and assisted in bringing the company from a software startup to the leading Multiplayer Mahjong software company in the world, culminating in the sale of the company to Dynasty Gaming Inc - a Canadia public listed company. Brink moved on from Dynasty in March 2007.

In 2007 Brink founded iCoins Limited - a payment processing company providing a unique mechanism to interchange money between existing eWallets secured by digital cash. iCoins ( will be rolled out in 2008 with wallets in Facebook, Bebo and Myspace and links to many existing eWallet mechanisms.