Genesis is run by Adriaan Brink - an expert in the field with over 20 years experience in online transactions. Online businesses that Brink established or has been involved in include:

Established in Australia under the name "TEN - The Employment Network", Peoplebank launched on the internet in 1994 and was sold to The Daily Mail newspaper group in 1995. Brink was one of the founders and technical architect for this system from inception through to the sale in 1995.

PLUS Lotto is the world leader in online charity lotteries. Raising funds for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Foundations PLUS Lotto is a pioneer in online gaming. Brink was one of the founders of PLUS Lotto and is architect of the systems.

Earthport - The Payment Processing Engine. Earthport is an AIM listed company and set a record in 1999 by raising the highest ever amount on OFEX (GBP26M) in a private placement. Brink was a founding director and technical architect of the Earthport systems up to V2.
Zabadoo AG

Taking the experience gained in operating PLUS Lotto and offering it to other lotteries was a logical step forward. Zabadoo was founded by Brink and provides PLUS Lotto and various other online lotteries with technology and scalable, robust platforms.
International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation

The International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation is a charitable foundation licensed by the government of Liechtenstein to operate lottery games on the internet. Founded by Brink in 1995 it is a substantial contributor to local charities and provides the legal framework for all lotteries operating in Liechtenstein.

Pay2 is a world leader in Debit card based payment systems for the Internet. Genesis consulted on the software design and deployment and provided database design services to Pay2.
Lightmaker Lotto

Lightmaker Lotto is an innovative premium rate SMS based lottery style game. Genesis consulted in the game design and assisted with acquisition of the UK bookmaker’s permit under which the game operates. Adriaan Brink is a director of the company.
Fast Funds Cororation

Fast Funds operates check and credit card cashing facilities at casinos across the USA. It also operates a US debit card payment solution for salary processing. Genesis contributed to the design and build of the new Atlas payment engine for world wide Internet based multi-currency payments.
Mahjong Mania

Mahjong is a multi player game played predominantly in Asia and also across the world. Brink was President of Mahjong Mania and through Genesis contributed significantly to the design and fund raising for the project.
Dynasty Gaming

Mahjong Mania was sold to a publicly traded company - Dynasty Gaming Inc. Brink consulted to Dynasty and was responsible for sales and marketing of the Mahjong game. Dynasty trades on the TSX Venture Cap market and had a market capitalization which came close to US$100M in the period while Brink was involved.
Kinamik Data Integrity

Kinamik provides a secure and robust data integrity and gaming system based on a verified RNG and an immutable audit log. Genesis provided Kinamik with a market suitability report and introductions to key contacts in the online gaming industry.
iCoins Limited

Digital Cash for the 21st Century

iCoins is a system providing the functionality of cash in an electronic medium. iCoins provide many of the same features that are provided by real world cash, but in the digital realm. Genesis designed and built the core system.

Coinjars is a place where you can store digital cash - called "iCoins". All iCoins are secured and underwritten by a licensed eMoney operation called a Treasury. The Treasury for Coinjars is Mintflow Limited in the Isle of Man.

iCoins can be transferred quickly, safely and easily between Facebook users and also to and from any places outside the Facebook system that support iCoins. These external places include merchants and also Payment Providers who facilitate the purchase and redemption of iCoins.

Genesis built the Coinjars Application on Facebook as a demonstration of the iCoins concept.

Genesis is a founder of Cellcoins Ltd which owns the Send2ATM mobile money product. Send2ATM will launch shortly in a number of African countries with a revolutionary new way to remit funds across bordes and intra-country, Please see for more information.

Genesis conceived, designed and built his innovative Facebook game through a majority owned subsidiary. The game launched in January 2012 and rapidly gained acceptance. The game can be found on
Million Dollar Bridge

Genesis designed and specified a Million dollar bridge tournament to be played on the internet and on the ground. Unfortunately the project financing fell through and all that remains of this venture are some detailed specifications which are owned by Genesis.